Bbibbi Perm Rods & Perm Roller Benefits

The conventional perm rods need rubber bands to fix hair after winding. However BBIBBI perm rods & perm rollers do not need rubber bands because its clip can be attached to the hair after winding.
With conventional rubber band, assistant hairdresser is needed. With BBIBBI perm rods & perm rollers. only one hairdresser can do the job so that it decrease labor cost. It can contribute increase of shop’s turnover because BBIBBI perm rods & perm rollers can be classified as specialized perm not normal perm
Customer’ satisfaction is very high due to fast perm time. (Due to no use of rubber band after winding, it can reduce perm time so that customer is not boring and satisfied.) Nature friendly product. Semi permanent use (In short term, its price can be high but in the long term, it is more cost effective since there is no consumables required)
Conventional perm rods can make bending of hair roots due to using rubber band after winding. BBIBBI perm rods & perm rollers can make strong root volume effect because its clips can be attached to the hair roots

While winding and fixing with rubber band, rods can be loose due to wrong attachment or weight. Instead, BBIBBI perm rods & perm rollers can fix its clips as same as the first angle so that there is no loose effect.

While fixing the clip during winding, there is no bouncing back of perm solution or pack. Also neutralizing materials is not splashing when perm rods are detached.
The clips of BBIBBI perm rods & perm rollers can grip hairs quite well so that even extremely damaged hairs can produce good curls
When bending is done with stick and rubber band, hairs can feel pulling. Since BBIBBI perm rods & perm rollers use clips to fix hairs without stick and rubber band, there is no pulling feeling on hairs.
When bending is done without fixture, there is possibility to make imprint on hair. However BBIBBI perm rods & perm rollers is only using clips so that it can adjust height of angle without fixture resulting no imprint on hair.
The parts of hair which are attached to the clips show no bend.